Getting it done: Hardware project from concept to production run in 60 days

Some geek friends of mine got married this past winter and were putting on an 8-bit themed wedding. They didn’t want to have the wedding favor be a stupid hand tied bag of Jordan almonds or a small box of chocolate truffles. They wanted a cool little electronic toy that people could play with and take home with them after the wedding was over. This talk will detail how we got this project done from concept to short production run (50 units) in 60 days and under budget at less than $5 per piece.

ducksauz has been doing information security for over 15 years but since most of what he does at work is pretty intangible, he does hardware hacking projects for fun. Back on the East coast he founded DC401 and QuahogCon. Now that he’s here in Seattle, he’s on the board of Black Lodge Research, where he can be found on a semi-regular basis.