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securing the S4

this is my 1st android (jelly bean) with my first app install i was appalled at all the access to my phone’s data that it wanted, nothing for free, eh? so, can you sanbox android apps even if they think they need access to my SIM, contacts, data on miniSD card, WFT. had to take control of my own device and this is how i did it

….experience flashing the ROM with custom kernel & getting rid of samsung+ATT bloatware on a new phone.

also included is backing up original device/ROM so i can restore it when needed/necessary ๐Ÿ™‚

how to change the MAC address on it. setting up a VPN tunnel and a TOR APP. how to secure android in general

steven is an artist/computer wizard who loves computer security, keeping things secret, and freely using any device/os in any manner desired